Wedding Planning Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Wedding Planning – Common Mistakes and Tips To Dodge Them

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and this is the very reason every couple struggles to get the perfect wedding part planned for themselves.

A Wedding party is supposed to be magical or at least, fun and free of chaos. Even the tiniest things like minor delays or small slip-ups in choosing things like the menu, décor, and lighting arrangements can keep your event from impressing the guests.

To help you plan the perfect wedding party, here we share a list of common mistakes in wedding planning and how you can stay away from them.

·        Confirm Anything before Sorting Out Your Budget

If you don’t plan your budget early on and start buying or booking things without it, you will end up in a troublesome situation. This is because your budget might be lesser than what you are thinking.

Successful wedding planning depends mostly on effective and timely budget planning and you MUST start with that only.

·        Failing to Make a Rain Plan

While most people think making rain plans is only important when a wedding is planned in open-air venues but that is not totally true. Yes, you do need a rain plan for such venues but even if the venue is a closed one, you need to think about commuting arrangements for everyone in case it rains.

No, planning to cope up with the worse will not jinx your wedding planning. Do it at any cost!

·        Reducing the Number of Guests While Planning, Thinking At Least 10% will Fail To Attend

A lot of couples make the mistake of downsizing their total number of guests when they take on the myth that at least 10% will fail to attend the wedding party. The number increases to 20% when its a destination wedding. This is not always true; in fact, it is barely true.

These numbers can or cannot turn out exactly. If you have invited 100 guests, cut off 10 of them (based on the 10% rule) and make arrangements for 90 of them only, you might end up in shambles even if 2% of the total 20% appear unexpectedly.

Truth be told, it should be the exact opposite. You should add a buffer and make arrangements for 110 guests when you are only inviting 100 to save yourself from embarrassing moments due to shortage of seats or food.

·        Not Hiring a Videographer in the Hope of Saving Money

There have been studies that reveal that the majority of couples say they regret not spending (or not being able to spend) more on their wedding party. Sure, pictures are too good as keepsakes but you will never be able to see yourself ‘live’ again and cherish how you two looked like a young couple if you don’t get a video made.

This is the worst idea you can take on in the hope of cutting down the expenses.

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