Things to Ascertain Before You Finalize the Venue for Your Big Day

Questions to Ask Before Booking a Wedding Venue

Weddings are not like birthdays that come every year. They happen once in a lifetime and this is the reason a wedding is alternatively called ‘the big day’.

Every couple desires a memorable, near-perfect wedding. But one thing that has the greatest influence of the overall arrangement of a wedding party is the choice of venue.

The best weddings are those that are arranged at the right venue. Find the perfect wedding venue is fun but can be equally tiring, time-consuming, and exhausting because everyone wants the best for them. This is the biggest reason why people hire professional wedding planners— they want an expert to make their dream wedding a reality.

Nonetheless, everyone has their own budget limitations. Not all couples can afford to hire a full flash wedding planner to help arrange their wedding. This is the reason one must have basic knowledge of how to choose the perfect wedding venue.

One way you can choose the best wedding venue is by asking a few important questions from those who own and manage it.

Here goes the list of these questions.

1.      How Will Your Venue Coordinator Help Arrange My Wedding?

Many event venues have event coordinators that help couples in arranging the event as per their desires. The role of a wedding coordinator varies. Some are those who stay on site to ensure nothing goes wrong and the arrangements are in accordance with what you have asked for and will supervise the complete event for you. Others are those whom you need to meet weeks before the big day and plan out everything. Few venues don’t even have any coordinators.

Therefore, it is important to first see what you want and check the role of wedding coordinators. You can even choose to hire a freelance or independent wedding coordinator.

2.      What Music Arrangements Are There And How Is The Quality Of Sound At The Venue?

A good sound system is critical to the success of wedding parties. But there are places that either has bad sound systems or acoustics that can fail your event.

It is important to physically visit the wedding venue that you are considering before you finalize it. Ask the management about the sound system and demand a trial too. This way you will not have to be worried about blunders at the event.

3. What Type of Lighting Equipment and Decorative Materials Do You Provide?

A wedding is a grand celebration and you just can’t expect to arrange one without the use of lights and embellishments, such as real and artificial flowers, etc. And this is another important thing that you should ask your wedding venue manager or coordinator early on.

More often, they will provide you with a couple of packages that you will have to choose from. These packages can be themed or generic and will include different sorts of lighting and décor arrangements.

Think about the type of wedding you want or the theme that you like and choose a package accordingly. Ask about the placement of lights and other items used for decoration purposes in the very start so that you don’t get unpleasant surprises on the wedding day.

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