Spice Up Your Corporate Event with These Four Wedding Trends

Spice Up Your Corporate Event with These Four Wedding Trends

Whenever someone mentions a ‘corporate event’, one gets an overwhelming feeling of dullness and drag.  Over the years, organizations and planners have given corporate events a makeover that fails to excite masses. This is the reason why many among corporate events attendees are present at the venue out of obligation.

There is no guidebook that prescribes that corporate events should be boring and boring only. Moreover, one should not buy into the narrative that corporate events should have a hard-headed and restrained disposition.  If you want to make your corporate event a success rather than having just another run-of-the-mill affair, then spice it up a bit.

Here we are going to suggest these four wedding trends that you can easily incorporate in your next corporate event. Rest assured, we are not going to put forward some way out-of-the-box suggestions. You and eventually your guests will love these little changes or additions to the event.

1) A Picturesque Floral Arrangement

Get this notion out of your mind that flowers can only be used in wedding and celebration of life events. If done right, they can give a lift to the ambiance of your corporate event as well. For instance, have a beautiful floral centerpiece at the venue. There are many floral arrangements that can add life to corporate events without looking out of place.

By having a standalone, picturesque floral piece in the venue, you can provide a good photo background or foreground for your guest’s social media posts.

2) Cookie Hors d’Oeuvres

Tray-passed cookie appetizers are common in weddings. However, you can have them at your corporate meet-up as well. There are many reasons why cookie appetizers can seamlessly go with any corporate event. To begin with, cookies are the most ‘agreeable’ dessert. You can have them in different flavors to suit everyone’s sweet tooth. Moreover, you can take care of vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free options with cookies.

Lastly, they will keep the guests awake through tedious proceedings of the event that are sometimes inevitable. And, yes, it will also not cost you that much.

3) Place Cards

Place cards were once extensively used to assign seats and tables. The trend is making its comeback in wedding events. You can also have them in your corporate events.  However, make sure that they don’t fuel hierarchical discrimination. So, instead of using them for assigning seats, you can use them to put down event itineraries and menu.

4) An Extravagant Bar

At the end of the day, the guests will swarm the food stalls and bars no matter what’s the occasion. So, why not just make them the center of attention of your event? A splendid, well-lit bar with ample seating arrangement will naturally become the most buzzing spot of the venue. And this is what every host wants to achieve with their event.

To pull off all these not-so-corporate trends in your corporate event, make sure you pick the right venue, just like Palladium Event Center where you can easily carry out all these improvements.

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