Making a Strong and Impressive Statement through Event Entrance

Making a Strong and Impressive Statement Through Event Entrance

Every host wants their event to be remembered for a lifetime, and it’s not just wishful thinking to make your event a memorable experience for the guests for all the right reasons. Let’s start with the event entrance that can set the direction of a guest’s experience for the rest of the night.

An entrance sets the stage for the rest of the event. By working on an event entrance, you can make a striking first impression on your guests regarding the event and consequently your business, personality, and brand.

Regardless of the occasion, you must take care of event entrance just to add more value to the experience of your guests. Hosting an event for which attendees heap praise on has its own high.

Start from the Outside

Getting your guests excited even when they haven’t entered the venue is the most remarkable trick that you can pull off. This can be done by setting up a theme-centered mural outside the entrance. For instance, if you are following an intensive floral décor inside the venue, then make sure different pedestals with the same theme are also set outside the venue.

This teaser will intrigue the attendees and they will become more curious to get inside the venue to see the full picture.

Make the Entrance Décor as Immersive as Possible

If you don’t want your guests to get bored and ebbed away even for a second, get them involved in your event as they enter the venue. One way to do this is to have an immersive entrance. If the entry door and the main hall of the venue are connected through a corridor, then make sure it’s brimming with light and colors. You can have this arrangement for both corporate and wedding events. Remember that lighting can play an integral role in making an immersive, vivid, and dreamy entrance.

Plan a Performance/Activity at the Entrance

If you want guests to be involved in your event right from the first moment, plan performance or an activity at the entrance. It can be an acoustic music session or you can have a Tarot card reader sitting outside foretelling the guests their future. Setting up a photo booth outside the venue can also make your event entrance more interesting. Planning these activities outside of the main hall will also help you in streamlining the main event proceedings.

Offer Drinks and Appetizers

This is a time-tested method to hype up your event. Set up a minibar and an appetizer stall at the entrance so that guests enter the venue in a good mood.

While making your event entrance as immersive and worth-remembering as possible, don’t forget to arrange the venue that can live up to the hype you are creating at the entrance. Palladium Event Center has all the amenities and services that can help you to make your event an unforgettable experience for the attendees on the whole.

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