Is Having an Alcohol Bar at the Wedding Okay?

Setting Up g a Wedding at Your Wedding Party – Yay or Nay?

Is it a good idea to have a bar at a wedding party?

Are there any ways I can manage my budget with it?

Can I ask my guests to pay for their drinks?

These are all the questions people turn to the internet to get answers for. If you too have landed on this page seeking validation for the idea of investing in an alcohol bar at your wedding party or how costly can it get, then you have come to the right place.

Indeed, wedding parties are expensive. And this is what makes couples and their families go frantic when choosing things like the venue, on-venue arrangements, food, dresses, etc.

Some wedding planning experts suggest skipping those relatives, friends, and acquaintances that haven’t been in touch for over 2 years. But, of course, there are exceptions and you can decide to include some who fall in this category regardless.

Irrespective of whether you adopt this idea to cut down the budget or not, you can always introduce certain changes to the menu or décor to save up for something extraordinary at your wedding party. How about replacing those beef steaks with grilled chicken and use the saved-up amount to set up a wedding bar?

Trust us when we say it is a great idea. Wondering why? Because it is something really unique!

But what is bothersome here is the number of drinks every guest will consume and who will pay for it. How do you think you can control the number of drinks every guest takes? Is it a good idea to ask your guests to pay for their drinks, or at least, extra drinks?

Find out here!

Saving Money on Your Wedding Bar

Here are a few ways you can set up a wedding bar at your event without going broke.

1.      Restrict the bar

By restricting the bar we mean limiting the number of items that it has. For example, you can have either beer or wine for alcohol lovers and a signature cocktail for those who don’t consume alcohol. Don’t worry about the guests feeling bad because as long as they are getting something to sip on for ‘free’, they will love it.

2.      Keep it Alcohol-Free

If you have serious budget constraints or you dread people getting high and having to manage them, you can set up a non-alcoholic bar at your wedding party. It is better to have a non-alcoholic bar than having no wedding bar at all.

3.      Have Someone to Supply the Drinks

The biggest mistake you can do when setting up a wedding bar is allowing your guests to serve themselves rather than having caterers to do it. This can result in serious wastage of the drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) while resulting in chaos if too many people gather at the bar and try to fetch drinks together. This can even result in conflicts and damages.

That said, make it a point to ask your wedding planners to arrange for waitpersons who can fetch and serve the drinks. Oh, and don’t forget to discuss other things that are mentioned above!

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