5 Things to Take Care of While Dealing with Event Talent

Five Things to Take Care of While Dealing with Event Talent

Event performers and entertainers are always one of the major attractions of an occasion, be it a celebration of life, wedding or a corporate gathering. However, it is not enough to just hire them and then leave the rest to get ironed out on its own.

If you want the artists to perform with all their heart and soul, then you must treat them in the most professional and cordial manner. Remember that an immersive and engaging performance can become the highlight of your event.

1) Keep the Communication Lines Clear

This sounds very obvious. However, many people miss out on really important details while corresponding with the talent performing at the event. Besides exchanging the details of AV and equipment requirements, it is important that you must know the exact number of the crew that will be present at the venue. Moreover, convey them the menu and green room details.

It will also be better if you let them know the stage lighting setup before the event so that any adjustments and additions will be sorted ahead of time.

2) Be Extra Welcoming

Event performers and entertainers are also your guests. So, make sure they get the reception like the rest of the attendees. Offering them appetizers and taking care of their drinks and other minor requirements in their green room will certainly feel more hospitable. They will pay back this courteousness through their performance. If possible, arrange their favorite snacks and drinks just to give them every reason to perform well.

3) Respect Green Room Privacy

Artists, entertainers, and performers are there to perform for you. However, it doesn’t give you the license to just barge into their green room whenever you want. It is important to give artists their needed headspace without them asking for it.

Assure them their belongings will remain safe when they will be performing at the stage. Also, make sure their personal information will not become public. Otherwise, goaded and disturbed performers are not going to perform as you are expecting them to.

4) Keep a Single Point of Contact

In order to avoid frustration for performers and yourself, it is important that there is only a single point of contact. This means only a single person from your side will take care of everything associated with the performing talent. Artists should not be confused about whom to reach out to when they need anything.

5) Be Honest About the Payments

Make sure you convey the artists when they will eventually get fully paid. In corporate settings, payment checks take some time to get in the process. So, it is important they know before signing the contract that how long it will take to get their remunerations. It will help in avoiding any heated arguments post-event.

Lastly, provide them with feedback after the event, particularly if you want them to perform again. Feedback with a ‘thank you’ note will help in building a strong working relationship with artists.

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