3 Wedding Tips that You Can’t Miss

Simple Tips That Will Make Your Wedding Party a Success

As the day nears, most couples turn to the internet to look for ideas to smoothly plan their big days. If you too are wandering on the internet looking for tips and ideas to get done with the planning phase smartly and pull off a great wedding party, you have landed on the right page.

The following tips can be regarded as ‘no-brainers’ but they are often not given enough importance or forgotten amid all the planning chaos. This is what actually results in failing wedding parties.

Read about them now so you don’t regret later. Here you go!

·       Make a Timeline and Follow It Strictly

Making a timeline is easy but what is difficult is actually following it. Most weddings don’t take place exactly at the time they are planned and so do other activities that are a part of it. The majority of weddings lag behind by approximately 15 to 30 minutes due to several reasons.

These can include:

  • Missing weddings rings
  • Forgetting things back at home
  • Late arrival of guests
  • Catering delays
  • Bride and groom taking too long to get ready or arrive
  • Last-minute adjustments in the bride and groom’s dresses
  • Time spent looking for important family members like the bride’s parents etc. who will walk her down the aisle
  • The transition time between activities
  • Too many congratulatory hugs etc.

Now that we have mentioned the reasons, go through them one by one and decide what could be done to avert these issues. Plan, reconfirm, rehearse, and direct everyone as many times as needed before the event to keep your wedding party from failing.

·       The Arrival of Photographers and Videographers

As a norm, wedding photographers and videographers arrive right before the event to make portraits of the couple. They will take a lot of time asking you to move your hand, neck, and legs to create the perfect pose and end up delaying the rest of the activities.

That said, try to call your photographer at least an hour before the event so that everything goes as planned and there are no delays.

·       Lighting

Lighting is among the top elements you need to take care of to make your wedding party outdo usual events like those. Begin researching months before the wedding day. Take out samples and discuss them with your partner and family. Ask your wedding planners or vendors about the cost of different lighting arrangements and see if the shortlisted ideas fall within your budget limits. If they do, you are good to go. If they don’t, discuss and make changes to match the cost with your budget.

Whatever you do, just don’t forget to give lighting the importance that it deserves. It can literally transform your event and you will see yourself!


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